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  Pinball is a unique hobby in the digital age, it is real, it happens physically in front of you right under the glass. You feel the ball rolling over the playing field and the tension and challenge to keep the ball in the playing field by means of the flippers. It is a social hobby that is challenging, addictive and endlessly fun. As a hobby collecting and restoring pinball machines is difficult. The machines are noisy, big, heavy and expensive. The problem is, if you can't play a game in your local arcade, the only place left is your own basement. The many pinball machines produced in the 1950s to 1990s have reached the end of their life cycle and are disappearing from bars and arcades. Thousands of pinball machines have been produced in various versions since 1947.

• Electromechanical (EM): 1947-1978
• Solid State (SS): 1979-1989
• Dot Matrix Display (DMD): 1990-2012
• Colored displays: 2013-current

All these games each have their own experience, the electromechanical with their bells, the solid-state with the first electronic sounds and speech and then the Dot matrix with also the extra games that have been added to the pinball game.
As hobbyists, we love everything that has to do with pinball machines and other machines from the past. We always renewing and changing our collection and are therefore always looking for new challenges. it is always an art to revive a pinball machine that has been defective in the house or neglected for years in a shed and to bring it back to optimal condition after many hours of repairing, Because of our hobby we also are able to let the new generation, who are completely unfamiliar with pinball machines, experience this exciting game. To be able to purchase our new collection, we regularly offer pinball and vending machines that can leave our collection.

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